This project is read-only.

The project will become closed source. The information published and the initial source code will remain free and open.

Project Description

It's a motion controlled 3D fantasy RPG, powered by CryEngine 3 FreeSDK. PS Move is used for motion control.

Why motion control?

There are many game developers around and very few of them can create something new. We wanted to experiment, create something new to the PC. Imagine you waving the Moves as swords and control your character with your motion. And imagine the same by pressing buttons. Which would you try?

You want to join?

We would love to have you too! :) You can share your ideas in the forum (everybody who really helped the project, will be mentioned in the documentation and game credits) or if you want to do more, check our

List of positions.

People already helping us

Please check out our wiki pages for more information about the game.

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