Just a bunch of ideas of mine

Mar 16, 2012 at 11:32 PM

I talked to Evo a bit on Skype about the timeline he posted. And with that I came up with a few ideas, along with illustrating one of Evo's.

- first, the map. you can find it here, developed by combining mine and Evo's ideas.

- As you can see, the world is essentially an island. Like in many other games, and other games did fine with that logic, and I guess it will help setting clear bounds.

- You might notice that the whole formation of mountains kinda looks like a dragon. Well that's because it once was a dragon. As Evo's idea for how the capture of the Villain dragon turned out to be that a great power (ancient good dragons). A dragon so large it swallowed the baddie whole.

- The mountains are causing weather effect on both sides. One is a dense forest and gradually becoming great planes and then ending in the cliffs on the west side. On the other side of the mountain range. There is something like savannah or dry areas, maybe a little bit greener around the mountain foot but it'll be more or less African looking.

- In the far north, there is a couple of mountains, now those are both ginormous and quite unreachable, maybe a level in a castle/building on top, who knows. At the foot of the mountains there is biting cold. and a oddly snout shaped rock formation. Keyword: Huge, that goes for everything (my idea).

- We all know names is hard stuff. So I suggest that we create a thread solely for names and locations.

- Creatures is important. Do we want to create unique creatures for every kind of land or should we create a group of creatures and then modify them?

So what do people think of these ideas? It's a team effort and discussing this would make it easier for Evo to find inspiration.

Mar 19, 2012 at 7:22 PM

Here's the description I gave for this art, if you're interested:

5 dragons show their tremendous power by causing huge chunks of stone to rise, essentially destroying 2 mountains that are next to each other
These stone chunks form a humongous dragon, which with only one bite swallows the evil dragon as awhole
The belly of the stone dragon becoming the prison
it lands on the ground, where the mountains stood, lays down, both wings covering its head.
the wings become two new mountains, in between them runs the spine of the stone dragon
the part of the wings which covered its head kinda become the entrance to where the runes will be placed and a temple will be made
sth like that

The Runes would be engraved into that stone dragons head, where also a temple is built after the incident.

The spot where the evil dragon reaches out after thousands of years of imprisonment would be somewhere at the end of the tail, since that part still is a part of the prison , but the furthest away from the "chains"

And I wouldn't see that part you drew as the whole continent, only a part of it, but maybe th part of it, which we use for the game.

Mar 19, 2012 at 8:18 PM

You are sort of creative. ;)

Mar 19, 2012 at 8:33 PM

Naaahh, I've just got a crazy imagination ^^

And a lot of daydreams