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This Page contains background information about the world of Forgotten Runes

Rough Timeline (First Draft)

Rough First Timeline Draft

- There is Life:
The two Dragon Gods first become aware of themselves
- Loneliness:
The Dragon Gods try to recreate themselves
- Birth of a Connection:
The Dragon Gods recognize their similarities and join forces. The first dragon is born.
- A New World:
Together the Shifting One and the Solid One want to create a world for their newborn to play. The Solid One creates the shape; the Shifting One adds the life. Although it just looks like a big mass of earth, stone and water, it feels different than everything else the Solid One had created before.
- The World matures:
The Gods now see the difference: The world lives! Plants begin to grow, small animals begin to develop and dwell on the land. The Gods follow this development with excitement.
- The Elements at their Fingertips:
The dragons start to use the elements to their advantage
- Power corrupts:
The strongest dragon wants his rightful place as leader of the dragon, because of his power. After being rejected, he starts a one dragon war. Since being alone, the other dragons overwhelm him. They imprison him into the holy mountain and decide to stop harnessing the elements to the extent to which they had done. As a result they create the Runes, both as restriction to the elemental usage and as chains for the mountain prison. The dragons split up into various clans. The veil of silence is drawn over the incident.
- Overpowered Evolution:
The Runes have an enormous influence on the elements. The natural flow of the elements goes completely out of order. New Leylines form, old ones dry up. Focus points result from multiple leylines intersecting. Animals and plants around these points are subject to some severe mutations. Some evolve into more humanoid shaped forms and gain an increased awareness, thus resulting in developing culture over time. Others however are not so fortunate and transform into monstrosities.
- Drifting Apart:
The dragon clans drift apart, developing more and more differences. They reduce interactions with each other to a minimum.
- Prison Breach:
The imprisoned dragon has regained enough of his power to penetrate his prison to some extent. Corruption starts to spread over the land, starting to change personalities. The corruption causes the dragons to start a war, because each wants to claim other clan’s runes for themselves.
- Sealing the Prison again:
A few dragons who weren't corrupted manage to seal the hole in the prison again and force the corruption back to where it came.
- The Wars Conclusion:
The few remaining dragons hide in shame of the war they had fought, never to be seen again in their natural shapes.
- To the Land of Legends:
Stories of dragons are now believed to be mere legends, since the dragons have been long gone and those to have met them no longer live.

Creation of the World

In the Beginning

Ever since, the dragons have told the legend about the creation of the world. They say in the beginning, matter and energy where separated. Two forces existing on their own, in the form of two dragons - the Spiritual Dragon, master of all energy and the Material Dragon, creator of all matter. They were the only sentient beings that existed. The Spiritual Dragon, called the Shifting One, could create energy of any type and shape it desired, but it moved around aimlessly if not controlled and eventually dissipated into nothingness. The Material Dragon, called the Solid One, had similar experiences. All the matter it created was made to stay, but it couldn't move on its own. It was lacking a mind.
Both desired beings like themselves, as they were lonely. One being pure energy, the other solid matter, they considered themselves too different too understand each other. So they were striving to create images of themselves, so their loneliness would find an end. Until their eyes met for just a brief moment. They saw something... something they had never expected. A glow of energy shone inside the Solid Ones eyes. The Shifting One's looked solid, completely contrasting its ever shifting body. At this very moment they realized their similarity. They were still as different as they could be, but both had aspects of matter and energy inside them. Now they knew, why their creations would never come to life, never be like them, they were lacking the other part. Upon this realization, both shed a tear. As these tears met, the first dragon was born, the first sentient being aside the two great Ones.

The Creation of the Runes

As the great dragons of the past agreed on creating the runes, they decided, that they had to be kept somewhere safe. So the dragons built a temple inside the holy mountain <Mountain Name> and engraved the runes on the mountain walls at the temple to bestow the power to them, which the dragons had imagined. Each dragonclan was entrusted with a number of runes, which represented the clans element. From then on each clan passed down the knowledge of its own runes to future generations. Each clan was also responsible for the actions which were taken by using their entrusted rune magic, so they taught the magic only to those they thought of being worthy of it. After several millenia the clans were content to using their own runes. Dragons with knowledge in more than one clans rune magic were rare, since the clans didn't easily accept foreign dragons, even if they were willing to learn. Dragons that were accepted by one or more other clans were known as part-souls, because their personality fit into more than one clan, it was said that their souls were made of parts from all those clans. They were respected, but also considered dangerous for a clans community, because they brought other clans morals home.
Since the creation of the Runes, there was never a part-soul with knowledge in the magic of all clans

The Runewar

The Start of the War

A long time ago, long after the runes were created, an evil force began to seep into the land. It wanted to take control of everything, but the dragons were in its way. A direct assault would bring an end to its desire; only if the dragons were kept in the dark did the force have a chance to make its desire come true. It had learned from the last encounter. Already eternities ago, the force still had to regain a lot of power it had lost then. Only recently was it able again to return to this world to get revenge and finally enslave the world under the dark veil of its power. But first the dragons needed to disappear. It spread the seeds of discord among the dragons and the dragons started reacting to them. The clans began to question each other. They called each other careless in the use of their runes and claimed other clans runes for themselves. Trust waned, contacts were forgotten, ties of friendship broke. A lot of bad blood developed over time. Since other clans called it, each of them became careless with the runes. They started to train mortal humanoids in their ways, teaching them to use the runes. Those were called Sa'an Ru Roha, Runewarriors. They should act as substitutes for the battles to come. All clans were preparing for those upcoming battles they all predicted. Little did they know their acts would start a war.
The first Runeweapons were crafted to allow the Runewarriors too use the runes to their full potential. And so the runewar started in secret. The dragons sent the Runewarriors against each other without other mortals knowing.
Runewarrior died on all sides and no one seemed to have the advantage. Each clan decided it was time to turn the tides. They all came to the same conclusion: If they weren't powerful enough to defeat the others, they had to weaken them. The clans resorted to drastic measures: They went to the holy mountain, where the runes engraved, to destroy the runes of their enemies. Without the runes, their enemies would be defenceless. Some clans arrived at the same time and began to battle each other. Soon the last clans arrived and the battle became a massacre. Many dragons died that day and runes were destroyed as they intended.It was, when only a handfull of dragons were rameining, that a blinding light traveled over the land and opened the hearts and eyes of those still alive. The evil which had taken control of them was gone. Now they knew what they had done and hid in shame. The clans broke apart and the remaining dragons hid with the humanoids they had used as cannon fodder before.

Stopping the war

As the dragons were fighting each other, few of them realized something was wrong. Only one dragon of each clan, all of them were Part-Souls. Being considered dangerous for their clans, especially in these times, the Part-Souls were kept away from the war. From their training in different clans, they knew each other. Those few Part-Souls knew that all the clans they had trained in weren't like they acted right now. Some of them had an aggressive nature, but generally each clan respected the others, unil then. This dispute had to have a different source. They used all their knowledge and power to find the source of all this. As they found the rift, where the evil leaked out, they knew something had to be done. Being ignored by their respective clans, they had to come up with a plan of their own. Each of them chose one Runewarrior of their clan. One that represtented the clans element the best and who was not yet corrupted by the conflict. There were sacred places where the elements concentrated. Each clan watched over one of those. The few chosen Runewarriors, the Elementalwarriors, each should focus the elements from this places to help the Guardian forcing the corruption back into the rift and closing it. The Guardian had to be another Warrior, not a Runewarrior, for he had to be completely uninfluenced by any draconic morals and pure of heart. Only then would he be able to use all focused elements to their full extent. The Part-Souls searched long for a fitting candidate. As time ran short they had to settle with the most fitting one. Not quite a warrior, but the purest of hearts they could find. After seeing the destruction that had been caused and was still ongoing, the mortals didn't need any more convincing to help. The Elementalwarriors knew what would happen to the world, if the war continued and the Guardian feared the consequences of an ongoing war.
To fully harness the power of the runes and the elements, the Runewarriors needed special weapons. Each dragon crafted a weapon for his Elementalwarrior from special materials known for their elemental affinity. They needed all the power they could get too finish this. The blade of the Guardian was forged from neutral materials so the elements would be kept in balance.
The dragons talked themselves into believing that they had chosen Runewarriors for the task, because they hadn't been influenced by the dragon clans their whole lives. But they were actually afraid of what would happen to them if they carried this burden themselves. Death being their least of concerns. And they would have needed a Guardian anyway.
As the day came for their plan to be executed, the war had already expanded to the holy mountain. Together with the Elementalwarriors the dragons set forth to the sacred places of their respective clans. The dragons accompanied the warriors, because they feared, that the places would be guarded by their clans. They were right with their assumptions. Dragons and Runewarriors were guarding each of them. Without a doubt, the clans were afraid other clans would go there to weaken their power. As the dragons tried to reason with the guardians, the Elementalwarriors infiltrated the temples to get to the sources of the elements. There they would find the power they needed to restore balance.
While others were fighting side by side, the Guardian was on his own. The dragons had to help the Elementalwarriors with the guards at the sacred places, so there was noone to join the Guardian. The dragons supposed that the leaking rift was not guarded. Since the approach of the lurking evil was so sneaky, it had to be alone. All in all they were right again. The corruption had already taken over a large portion of the land around the rift, but except of some infested animals there was no resistence.
It was easy to find the source of the ruin. It pulled the Guardian towards it and the Guardian followed this "call". He saw the rift, a huge gash in the very earth. In there was only pitch black darkness. The rift had already grown to an alarming size and darkness was flowing out of it, spreading the corruption over the land. Doubt startet to overcome the Guardian. Voices in his head questioned this whole quest. Was he able to finish it? Was he really the right one for this task? Why had the dragons chosen especially him? Why had he been left alone by them? Would he survive? The darkness began to obscure his mind and fueled his doubt. The pure heart was no more and the free spirit taken. The darkness took more and more of him, until he was ready to cancel the mission. Right at this moment all Elementalwarriors had reached their destinations and started to focus the elements. A blinding light filled the land. The elements hit their target: Pure elemental force ran through the Guardian and into the rift. The darkness and the corruption withdrew into the rift and the wound in the land began to close. The Guardian, now corruted by the darkness, was pulled towards the rift by the elemental energy. He struggled against the pull with all his might and demanded all the power from the Elementalwarriors, they had. He was able to resist being pulled into the rift, but ultimately merged with the earth which closed over the rift. He now was the lock in the door, provided by the elements. To this day, he tries to break free from his prison, but the spirits of the Elementalwarriors still stand and hold him back.
The surviving dragons , being ashamed of themselves, spread and disguised themselves, now living with those formerly recruited as runewarriors.

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