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Game features

The game will be fully controlled by 2 PS Moves. The main weapons will be swords that are the source of magic too. The player can defeat the enemies with pure physical force, or combined with magic.

Different runes can be discovered and than be drawn onto the sword, giving the player the ability to cast spells by performing different motions with the move controller. The runes drawn on the sword define what spells can be cast.

The environment will be colorful, no human race is planned. A single main quest chain is planned.

The skills will level up by use. If you use primarily your physical power, you'll be better at it, if you cast a specific spell often, it will be faster and/or stronger.

The different races will have different strengths and weaknesses in physical power and in different types of runes.

There will be no gear! You only have your swords. ;)

You can add more ideas in the forum.

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