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List of positions


If you already have some experience with CryEngine and you like the idea of our game, you can help us!

Game designer/balancer

Concept artist

If you can imagine a whole new world with colorful environment and mighty creatures and you would like to see all your creativity in a working game, join us!
We will need 2 line art works from each creature, one from the front and one from the side, so our 3D artists can model it. :) Some colors can be added too to get a basic feeling of your creature. And we will need colorful concept arts from creatures and the environment.

Story writer

No game is fun without a good story. If you want to be part of our story, don't keep your good ideas back!

Texture artist

Very important work. :) Defines a lot.

Community manager

If you want to be the one, who's in contact with people, please write me an email why you want to join. You should speak native english or have near as good skills.

Flash developer

You can make the GUI and some flash elements for our new webpage (not yet published).

Web designer

Our new webpage is work in progress! But unfortunately I have not enough time to make both the MoveFramework and website. So if you can handle some html code, css, and you can make a good web design, please apply.


If you have not enough time to become an active member, but you want to help, you can help with anything! :) If you only gave us one idea, you can change a lot with it. So feel free to be creative. :)

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