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The player starts as an orphan in a village
He was found and raised by an older member of the village, who has passed away several years ago
That man always told the hero about fantastic stories, that he experienced
The prove for those stories is a sword, that still exists but is rusty and old and of no use anymore

One night thieves get in the village and among other things steal this sword
Since it is of sentimental value, the hero wants to go after the thieves even though other villagers want to talk him out of it
He has no idea where the thieves went and where to start looking, so he enters a forest nearby, where a witch resides
The villagers don't have a lot of contact with the witch, they stay away from her, but the hero has no better idea, so he goes there

At the witches place, she then tries to "see" where he can find the sword and maybe other stuff, the thieves took
She sees sth strange in his future, sth worldchanging and that it would be crucial for him to find the sword, so she tells him:
"You have to go to <insert specific location> to find, what you are looking for"
She also tells him, that the sword is very valuable, despite everyone else declaring it as junk
after the hero leaves, she adds
"But are you aware, what that would actually be"

He then follows the road the witch suggested, to find the thieves and the sword
Gets the sword back
On his way back the hero gets into a thick fog, which is getting thicker and thicker, the further he goes
Some sort of light appears, guiding him. After he follows the light, he gets inside a cave, where the light guides him a little further
The light then suddenly vanishes and two red lights appear in front of him (actually 2 eyes),
starting small and getting a bit bigger (like eyes opening)
He then heres some sort of growl and the screen turns black
The hero wakes up lying in a bed in an inn on his way home
The innkeeper has no idea of any fog or anything else, but the hero just came around the day before, ordered a bed for the night and thats it
It was probably a dream,... or was it

Back home he revisits the witch to thank her
The witch then tells him, that the villagers were all right about the sword and that it actually had no material value,
but the act of stealing caused it to gain some other kind of value, because he started going after it
A weird feeling creeps over her and she wants to see the sword
After inspecting the weapon, she is more than perplexed
She tells the hero, that there is sth she has to tell him, but first the weapon needs to be forged anew, using the metal of the old blade


After the hero gets back to the witch once again, she starts telling about dragons and runes and bestows the first rune to the sword,
since she herself has some knowledge of the ancient rune magic

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