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Playable races


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Non-player races


Dragons are the oldest of all known races. They can become several millenia old and are therefore often considered immortal by other races. Some even say they exist longer than the world itself. The dragons were the ones who created the runes and the magic within them.
They are divided into several clans, each one representing one element of this world. Since the creation of the runes, each clan was entrusted with runes that derived from the clans element.


Part-Souls are dragons which are trained in the way of the runes of more than one clan. They are called Part-Souls, because their personality fit into more than one clan, so it was said that their souls were made of parts from all those clans.
part-Souls are rare among dragons, since it is not easy for a dragon to be accapted by another clan. Only those who fit into the clans morals are accepted and trained in the clans runes.

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BaggedCat Jan 4, 2012 at 5:22 PM 
how about the rest of the chinese zodiac as races (we already have dragon, dog (wolf), goat (satyr)). Add rat, ox (minotaur), tiger, rabbit, snake (whole head as snake or medusa like), horse (centaur), monkey (planet of the apes style or monkey king like), rooster, pig (pigsy).

Bastet Dec 9, 2011 at 1:08 PM 
Daemons maybe and to have a contrast a race that is similar to angels?
I would recommend that we base the races on 5 elements. Air; Earth; Wind ; Stone; Lightning (or more)