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Runes are all source of magic. There are scripts for each rune. The player needs 2 swords to be able to use the runes.


Runes were created by dragons a long time ago. Only the greatest dragons could master the full usage of magic, and they created the runes to back their race up. They were drawing the runes on their own paw with their claws, then they controlled the magic with motion and ancient words.

Very few know, that the runes only work, because the souls of dragons still control them...

Because the new races' hands aren't strong enough to draw with, they got to use metal for that purpose.


1. You can only draw runes with a rune-activated sword.
2. You can draw a rune onto your sword (with an other sword), thus giving you the ability to use it in battle with a specific motion (rune casting). The motion is similar to the script. The count of runes on a sword is limited and depending on the swords' quality and the power of the activation rune.
3. A rune on your sword can be cast several times, but you have to have enough runemight on that sword.
4. After a rune is cast, you can control it with motions. Eg. a fireball can be thrown, the size can be set by the distance between the two motion controllers in your hands. A bigger fireball consumes more runemight.
5. Runes are combinable to get the best effect.
6. They can be drawn on other items eg. on the ground, and they can be cast from a distance. These runes can assist you in battle. You can set traps, you can gather information with them, etc.

There are some spots in the world, where magic is more focused. If runes are drawn at these certain locations, they have a stronger effect.

The runemight consume depends of the size and strength of the rune spells. The control consumes might too. Durable spells (eg. shield) consume runemight continuously.
The use of the activation rune on a sword consumes always 75% of the might from the caster sword.

Rune types

Rune of activation
Usage 1: The rune activates a sword, so it can be used to draw runes, so the other rune spells drawn on the sword can be cast. If a rune spell is cast it consumes energy from the sword it is drawn on, and the sword regains small amount of runemight over time (or more if the player use the focus rune).
Usage 2: Runes that are drawn on other items, wall, ground, etc can be activated. Those will have the runes' effect immediately.

There will be different kinds of activation runes, each might have a special effect on other runes (strength, duration, range, control).

Rune of focus
Usage 1: You can recharge your runemight in both swords by drawing this rune in the air and going in a focused state. You have to concetrate though, moving or percepting any change in your environment interrups the recharge.
Usage 2: coming soon

Rune of cleanse
This rune can cleanse an other rune, making the rune and it's effect vanish.

Rune of physical shield
This rune slows down every fast movements around you. If you drop, you wont be hurt so badly.

Rune of magical shield
This rune will reduce the effectiveness of runes cast on you.

Poison rune
Usage 1: Drawn on your sword, the injuries caused by your sword will cause the target to be poisoned and suffer damage over time.
Usage 2: Drawn on food/drink will cause damage if drunk/eaten and if the rune is activated.

Motive rune
You can move items or rune effects with this rune.

Reflection rune
You can reflect light and rune effects with this rune. For example you can cloak yourself or you can turn back an enemy rune effect. Consumes pretty much runemight.

Blood rune
Usage 1: You can gain runemight from your life power. If you convert too much life power, you die.
Usage 2. You can do the opposite; you can heal yourself or others with this rune.

Air rune
The air can be controlled with this rune giving you the power to blow away your enemies, or move your other rune spells in air. Similar to the motive run, but consumes less runemight.

Fire rune
You can cast fireballs, you can set items on fire, else you can combine fire with air, and you will be able to control it in the air. You can also make existing fire bigger/smaller.

Rune of perception
Any rune effect can be percepted with this rune. You can see the places with focused energy, you can see shields, reflection runes and more.

Rune of light
Usage 1: You can light your environment in the darkness.
Usage 2: You can create solid items from light. For example you can shoot light arrows, or create a bridge from light.

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