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Story line

Early ideas

  • The player has a normal character, no special skills
  • Later he finds out, that the world/the place he like etc is in a big threat
  • At the end he finds out that dragons are not completely extinct but they live in other creatures' form and some of them sleep for thousend years in their cave
  • The player has to find a living dragon that wants to help him, teach him the strongest runes
  • At some point, before having met even one dragon, a false dragon will attack a city, the player is in. After killing the dragon (or at least get it away somehow), the player will think that dragons might be evil. This will lead to the player to hunt down a dragon. After doing so and killing the dragon, he will feel the pain of what he did, because of a connection (since he is also a cursed or whatever dragon). This way he will see, that the dragon, which attacked the city was propably not a real dragon, because then he didn't feel anything.

Story so far

see Plot

Background History

see Background

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